Sweetie Bungee Dog Lead – Shock Absorbing Leash that Softens Pulls & Stops – Neoprene Padded Loop & Traffic Handles for Extra Comfort – Reflective for Safer Night Walking

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Product Description

Has walking your dog become more of an obligation than a pleasure?

Walks are very important to dogs. Walking gives them an opportunity to see the world outside while also being able to release the pent-up energy they have. However, it is not always an enjoyable experience. Dogs are attracted to sounds, sights, and even smells. When they get pretty excited, they tug and pull on their leash, making them frustrated and making you exhausted from having to follow them or from constantly pulling them back.

Before you give up and stop bringing your dog on walks altogether, there might be something that could still make all that happen but with less frustration and exhaustion on both ends.

Walking your dog can be more pleasurable with the Sweetie Bungee Dog Leash!

Being able to keep your dog under control is not enough to make the walk more enjoyable. Keeping your dog under control without restricting his freedom and exhausting yourself? Well, that’s a different story.

The Sweetie bungee dog lead is designed with a shock absorbing section that stretches when the dog pulls or when you pull it back. This stretching gives you and the dog more gentle tugs during the walk. The handles are designed to be extra comfortable for your grip, thanks to the soft Neoprene pad on them. The 1″ x 40″ leash is also integrated with reflective stitching, making it easier for motorists to see you and your dog even in the dark of night.

More exciting reasons to have the Sweetie Bungee Dog Lead:
-The metal clip is strong enough to keep your dog leashed. It can be attached to either a collar or a harness.
-The lead has a D-ring near the traffic control handle for attaching necessities, such as poop bags, treats, and a torch for night-time walks.

Dog walks have never been this exciting. Click to add the Sweetie Bungee Dog Lead to your basket today!


  • NO MORE SUDDEN JOLTS – Sweetie’s 1″ x 40″ dog lead has a shock absorbing bungee section that stretches when the handle is pulled. This allows the dog to feel a gentle tug signalling it to stop or wait, rather than a sudden jolt that a plain dog leash gives.
  • PALM-FRIENDLY HANDLES – The main and traffic control handles have comfortable neoprene padding that makes them easier to grip without causing you a rope burn. Now you and your beloved pet can enjoy the walk comfortably without compromising on freedom and control.
  • SAFE FOR NIGHT TIME WALKING – You never have to worry about walking your dog at night. This bungee dog leash has reflective stitching, making it visible in the dark. Drivers will immediately spot the leash and slow down to a stop when you need to cross the street.
  • STRONG & SECURE METAL CLIP – The large metal clip of the Sweetie bungee dog lead is made of a strong metal that won’t snap no matter how you or your dog pulls. It clips on nicely and tightly to your dog’s collar or a harness.
  • GUARANTEED DURABLE & LONG-LASTING – We believe in the credibility of our leash and guarantee that it’s been designed and created with durability in mind. We offer a lifetime guarantee should any issues arise, such as defects in materials or build.
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