Set of 2 PestBye Ultrasonic Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Repellent

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Product Description

Set of 2 PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repellers

These repellers send out very loud noises at a frequency that cats can hear but is too high for most humans. This will both annoy and frighten the cats but will not affect birds. They are also effective against dogs and foxes. These two cat scarers are an ideal solution for front and back gardens.

Battery powered, they are easy to install by pushing them into the ground using the stakes supplied, or they can be screwed to a wall or fence.

Why the motion sensor?

The repellers come complete with infra-red (PIR) motion sensors which turn the devices on when a warm body enters the controlled area. This has an important purpose other than saving battery life: researchers have found that cats can become desensitised to the noise if they realise that random sounds are not associated directly with their presence in the controlled area. With the motion sensor, the cat learns to associate the noise with its own movement and is much less likely to stop being afraid of the noise.


Requires four AA batteries. Battery life depends on how many times the device is activated, but they typically last 3-4 months assuming 10 activations per day. Batteries are not supplied as standard.

Frequency Settings

These devices allow you to change the output frequency, enabling you to have the most effective solution for your particular pest problem.

Working from left to right (from the smallest dot to the largest)

– Cats – Between 3 – 5
– Dogs – Between 3 – 4
– Foxes – Between 3 – 6
– Squirrels Between 2 – 7
– Rodents – Between 2 – 7
– Insects – Between 2 – 7
– Roaches – Between 9 – 11

N.B If set on numbers one or two the chances of humans being able to hear this are greatly increased.


Height 10.5cm (4¼ins) x Width 10.5cm (4¼ins) x Depth 4.7cm (1¾ins)


  • The safe/humane way to keep cats and other unwanted pests (Dogs, Foxes, Squirrels, Rodents, some insects) out of your garden with fully adjustable sensitivity and frequency
  • Easy set up – Includes zinc coated ground stake and tab for fitting directly to wall or fence. This cat repellent is fully weatherproof, you may leave outside in all weathers.
  • Requires 4 x AA Batteries (not included) battery life varies depending on activations but feedback from customers varies between 6 weeks to several months – (see questions section below)
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